What to Expect

Before Your Session

We take the time to customize every senior portrait session to make it special and unique for you. This guide will help you with preparation & questions regarding your senior portrait experience.

  • Arriving on time is very important! We encourage you to show up approx 10-15 early to your appointment so that we can get you checked and settled in and it won’t cut into your session time. We want you to get as much time as possible for your session. If you are late it can shorten the time we have for photographing.
  • Get everything ready the day before your photo shoot. This helps eliminate forgetting anything and feeling rushed for your session. Make sure that you arrive to the studio camera ready… have your hair & makeup done so all you will need to do is touch-ups.
  • Organize outfits by using hangers… for example, put jewelry, shoes and makeup changes in a small plastic bag and hang it on the hanger with the clothing it goes with. Again, this will minimize your change time and give you more time in front of the camera.  You will have your own private dressing room to lay outfit changes out during a studio session.

Indoor Session | Traditional, Contemporary or both…it’s totally up to you!

  • Traditional (Great for Grandparents or wall portraits). We will use background with solid colors, no large patterns, keeping everything very “clean and simple”. This will still make a BIG impact. Dress accordingly.
  • Contemporary (Perfect for friends & display) Bright bold colors, jewelry, collections, etc. are great props.  Your Photographer will be creative and original with you & the backgrounds.

We encourage bringing jerseys, uniforms, instruments, books, collections (such as shoes, art, etc), pets, friends, etc., to your session so we may capture high school memories or hobbies. If it is the end of a season ask your coaches or instructors if you may use any of these things for your senior portraits.

Outdoor Sessions | Best if booked between May 15 – November 1

  • Summer months are ideal for the best weather & clothing options. Spring weather is very unpredictable and your session may have to be rescheduled due to rain and clothing options are more limited due to cold or wet conditions.
  • Fall sessions are best around mid-October (remember that fall colors only last for approx. 1 to 2 weeks).

Outdoor Clothing The most important thing to remember for an outdoor session is dress appropriate for the weather! Outdoor clothing is usually more casual but again, chose outfits that reflect your personal style or current trends.

Large Props, Cars, Pets, etc.

  • Cars – We suggest that you wash your vehicle the day before your session.
    *Classic autos or motorcycles make an incredible prop if your family has one.

Friends & Pets

  • Friends – Having your friends in your photos is part of the fun of senior portraits and they can help with outfit changes, hair and other important things.
  • Pets  – Please either bring someone to take care of your pet or a carrier while they are not being photographed.

Helpful Tips from the professionals | Hair, clothes and everything in between

  • Layering is great for outdoor sessions where changing facilities may not be available.
  • Wear clothing with sleeves, bare arms add weight.
  • Solid colors are more complimentary. Patterns become larger than life and take away from you in a traditional portrait.
  • Accessorize, use jackets, hats, scarves & jewelry to enhance your style.
    Bring  any hair products with you. Changes in hairstyles are ok as long as they can be done quickly. The Photographer does not know how you wear your hair. Please do not rely on them to make correction to your hair for anything more than standard stray fly-aways around your head or neck.
  • Remember to bring both trendy and traditional jewelry. While trendy will look great for your personality, traditional will work better for wall portraits or grandparents.

What can be removed from portraits

  • Sunburn – Severe sunburn is a reason to reschedule.  Try not to get excessive sun before a photo session. Allow it to tone down by at least one week before a photo session. Pealing is a problem that is sometimes impossible to correct.
  • Tattoo – The main thing that needs to be discussed about a tattoo is, of course, whether or not you want it to be seen in the photograph. Please advise your photographer so they will know your feelings about your tattoo.
  • Facial Scars – Please let us know whether a visible scar is something that you would like to have retouched or not from your final portraits. If it is not discussed, it will be left in your final portraits.
  • Braces – If you have braces please practice smiling naturally. Don’t worry about the braces showing because with the technology today, they can be removed in your finished portrait order. This service is an extra charge, but it isn’t as much as you would think….only about $5.

After your photo shoot

  • Order Appointment

We like to have your order appointment booked approx two weeks after your session.  Plan on being in the studio for about an hour when you come in to place your portrait order. 50% your final order cost must be put down to put your order into production (The deposit you pay the day of your session will be deducted from the final order amount). The average time for delivery of your portraits is 3-5 weeks depending on the time of year, size of your order, payment and approval of any custom designed products.

If you have a set budget let us know, we can show you how to get just what you need with in the allotted budget.

  • There are several packages and collections available to choose from depending on your budget. We have options available for adding items/poses to any packages or collections to meet your specific needs. The price you pay for your photographs is dependent on the number of photographs you purchase, keeping in mind the more you purchase, the more you save.
  • Payment of ½ down is required to start production of your order. Payments can be made at any time before or after your order is. *It is necessary to hold your complete order until it is paid in full. No partial orders may be picked up.*
  • The minimum portrait order is $129, you have the option of ordering a package in that amount or any al a carte items.

If you have any further questions regarding the process of your senior portraits, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to creating the perfect portraits for you!